Welcome to Kingdom Outreach Fellowship

Thank you for visiting the online home of Kingdom Outreach Fellowship. Our prayer is that you are fed in some way by what you find within the pages of our site. We are a new church family, and though we physically reside in Columbia, SC and surrounding areas; our true citizenship is in the Kingdom of God. Every day we strive to emulate the characteristics of our King, Jesus Christ; and though we still may sin and fall short of the glory, just as our Savior meets us where we are, as a church, we meet others right where they are in their journey. So whether your mother pushed you out of the womb and into a baptismal pool, or you have never heard of David and Goliath, we've got a present-day Word for your life. Whether you come dressed in your Sunday's best or jeans that hang low, there's a place in our family just for you. Whether you have a PhD or a rap sheet a mile long, your story may be the one that changes someone else's life, so we want you here at KOF. Jesus never excluded anyone from His invitation into the family and Kingdom of God, and we take our directives from our King. Welcome to a New Testament church unlike any you've ever experienced. Welcome to Kingdom Outreach Fellowship.

Peace and Blessings,

Tiffany Adams